• Expectations, background
  • Planning
  • Action
  • Communications
  • Feedback evaluation

Goals: What do we want to achieve when we e-engage somebody?

• It is not always necessary to engage citizens only in “big issues” as the planning of a city center or building a new market house etc. Sometimes it is even smarter to start from very small things – for example by asking for citizens´ contribution (photos, stories) for the new tourist brochure etc. Besides getting nice photos and inspiring stories for the brochure, it may serve as a nice start for the future cooperation.

• The aim of participation has to be presented in brief and clear terms. The schedule and the desired results of each phase also have to be communicated.

• The keywords in distributing information to the participants of any process should be simplicity, relevance, conciseness, the right slogans; no one will read lengthy documents at each phase.