• Expectations, background
  • Planning
  • Action
  • Communications
  • Feedback evaluation

Feedback: How will we communicate and explain our decision?

• It is important not to neglect the people involved once you have the desired result (a decision, input) of the process. The participants have to be told the final decision and the reasons for it, and you have to be ready to explain in detail why all different opinions could
not be taken into account. Personal feedback is often needed in order to avoid conflicts. You also have to be prepared to communicate over a period of time with the people who have different opinions.

• The final conclusions and feedback should be easily found and usable in an e- environment, where previous processes of participation and their results should also be available.

• Finally, everyone who participated has to be thanked for their input and, if there are already new ideas for the future processes of participation, this is a good moment to introduce them briefly and motivate everyone to participate once again.