• Expectations, background
  • Planning
  • Action
  • Communications
  • Feedback evaluation

Expectations, background

Every day, local governments need to decide something, plan something and get new ideas about something. The best way to do this is to start from the very beginning, from mapping the general context and background for the decision. It is also important to map the expectations of (but also resistance from) all the target groups that this plan or decision may affect.

Questions that should be answered before beginning e-participatory decision-making are the following:

1. What is the aim of (e-)participation: to get feedback on the plans of the local government or generate new ideas and suggestions? What specific goals should the process help achieve?

2. Do the organizational culture and work processes that the local government has allow participation processes to be conducted and e-participation to be applied successfully? What changes are necessary for that?

3. In which instances should residents be consulted before decision-making?

4. How prepared are the residents to participate in the process, including via e-channels?