Flevoland experiments with open data for eParticipation

An experimental project with about 70 representatives from local governments, private enterprises and public organizations on the subject of publishing open data.


Main goal

Goals of the experiment were to get experience with the subject of open data, to publish together data on one website and to give companies and citizens opportunities for using government data.

Lessons learned

  • Unfortunately the project team didn’t succeed in publishing a lot of government data. Also they couldn’t find software developers who saw opportunities in building applications with open government data.
  • Most of the participants were ICT-specialists without direct responsibility for collecting and publishing data. It seemed for them very difficult to convince their colleagues at the policy departments to put effort in publishing open data and to see the benefits for the organization and the society.
  • It was difficult to find software developers who saw opportunities in building applications on government data. It could be that government information is not interesting for them.  Also open data is a popular subject with a lot of public and private organizations who are active on it. Therefore developers have a lot to choose and can pick the cherries from the cake.


  • Choose partners for your project who are responsible for collecting and publishing data or have enough internal authority or power to convince colleagues or departments who own data sets.


  • Have from start on software development enterprises in your project who can benefit from the outcomes and can advise you on how to select and publish data.


Flevoland, Holland


Jan Boestra