The Greek e-Government Interoperability Framework

The Greek e-Government Interoperability Framework (Greek e-GIF) is part of the overall digital strategy for Greek Public Administration for the provision of e-Government services to public bodies, businesses and citizens. It is included in the most important Policy Framework (Greek Digital Strategy 2006-2013) and is directly related to the objectives and directions of European policy i2010 – European Information Society 2010 and Digital Agenda 2020. The proposed framework aims to support effectively e-Government at Central, Regional and Local level and contribute to achieving interoperability at the level of information systems, procedures and data.

Main goal

One of the targets of the Greek Government in 2007 was to develop a Governmental Portal of Public Administration for informing citizens, but also for the provisioning of integrated and secure e-Government Services, through a central electronic point called “National Portal Ermis”. The “National Portal Ermis”, is not substituting the existing governmental portals of the Public Authorities, but it gives added value to the e-services of each organization as it works as a ‘router’ that makes easier and simpler the access to the end service points.

For this purpose a large number of processes of the Public sector were selected, organized and modelled according to a new framework called Greek e-Government Interoperability Framework( The main goal of this framework is to define a set of rules and prototypes of interoperability in organization, semantic and technological level in order to exchange data between information systems of the public sector.

Lessons learned

Following a top-down approach the Greek Public Administrations developed information systems that respect rules, specifications and prototypes that allowed them to extend their operation by establishing new G2G and G2C infrastructures and services. Moreover the ICT market and specialists had the opportunity to follow strategies and solutions that will be compatible and can ensure the cooperation between heterogeneous systems.

The main lesson learned is that following these directives, the public sector gradually matured and the ICT community adopted a clear vision of designing and developing e-Government services.



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