“Cl@rity” Program: Every Government Decision on the Internet

Cl@rity platform is an initiative of the Greek Ministry of the Interior, Decentralization and e-Government, aiming at the enhancement of transparency of all public administrations of National, regional or local level in Greece. All public entities, are obliged to upload all the decisions in Cl@rity portal, and each decision or document is digitally signed and assigned a unique transaction number automatically. The whole attempt intends to contribute progressively to a cultural change of the Public Administration and create a more transparent relationship between the citizens and the State.

Main goal

The Clarity program introduced for the first time in Greece the obligation to publish all the decisions on the Internet, with the exception of decisions that contain sensitive personal data and/or information on national security. It is quite an innovative program, even by European standards, aiming first of all to bring about the maximum publicity of the government policy and administrative action. The use of Internet guarantees wide publicity and access to information, progressively contributing to a culture change in the whole of the Public Administration.

The challenges for the ”Clarity” Program is that the public organizations and also citizens don’t have the required training or experience to work electronically and especially collaborate through internet. However, the Greek Government supported all the organizations that should operate by using the „Clarity” platform (www.diavgeia.gov.gr) that is gradually used from citizens and businesses as a central information point of Public decisions.

Lessons learned

The organization, development and operation of the Clarity programme was a unique learning experience for the Ministry of Interior, Decentralization and e-Government and all the Greek public Authorities. The project developed gradually and through a holistic approach that ensured the successive application of the programme. Firstly the need of a regulatory framework introduced (L. 3861/2010) that obliged all the public authorities to achieve the maximum publicity considering their decisions or spending.  Secondly, there were specific guidelines per type of organization but also training courses in order to ensure the appropriate engagement and usage of the platform from each public authority. Thirdly, the electronic platform was launched and all the public authorities were able to upload their decisions, in order to be valid. The main lesson learned was that an organizational change should be carefully designed and implemented in different levels (Policy, Organization, Support, and Operation) in order to have successful and sustainable results.


www.diavgeia.gov.gr (Clarity Portal)

www.OpenGov.gr (Open Government Programme)




ADEP S.A. project team