Your Idea

”Your Idea” is the Municipality of Odenses idea-portal for engaging the citizens in idea-generation.

Main goal

The mail goal was to collect ideas from the citizens of Odense. The Municipality of Odense was forced to cut budget spending on the areas concerning children and youth, and decided to involve the citizens, who are involved in the municipalitis services in these areas.

Lessons learned

When we decided to engage the citizens in the project, the Municipality had already considered possible areas to cut spending. This meant, that the citizens ideas had already been taken into consideration. Some of them were already implemented, and some of the ideas turned out to be impossible to implement.
The lesson learned is, that we will engage the citizens earlier in the process. Before we have finished our work in the Municipality.


Don’t be afraid to engage the citizens. Some of them were angry because there had to be budget cuts on areas concerning children and youth. But the citizens would have been angry even if we had decided not to engage them in the idea-generation.


Odense, Denmark


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