The Local Democracy Unit of Tampere

The Local Democracy Unit of the City of Tampere (LDU) is responsible for developing public participation in Tampere, including. e-participation. LDU with it’s seven employees is a development unit, and as such only one in Finland. LDU guides the public participation in the City of Tampere. It also organizes training and runs the neighbourhood committees in the city’s sub areas.

Main goal

Public participation is an integral part of the city’s high quality preparatory work.

The unit is a part of central administration headed by the mayor. LDU reports to central administration and every three months to the City Council. The City of Tampere is a forerunner in developing an advanced municipal operational model. Through organisational renewal, Tampere is better able to meet the increasing challenges in its operating environment, such as changes in service needs and the tightening financial situation.

The operational model of Tampere has three main pillars: 1. Development of public participation 2. Multiple-provider model of services and 3.The Mayoral model. Public participation is thus prioritized high in the city. The city council, the mayor and four deputy mayors (therefore the whole organization) are responsible for the development of public participation. The strategic goal is that citizens actively participate in developing the city and that independent, resident-led activity will increase.

Lessons learned

If you want to improve public participation, it is very important to have a political support for that.


1. You need to have resources and know-how in order to start developing public participation.
2. You need to have someone in the organisation that is responsible for arranging public participation.


Tampere, Finland


Eija Uurtamo