The future of Vejle (development of industrial policy) is an online dialog-portal where citizens and the business-community can be part of developing a new industrial policy. Through press etc. the city of Vejle (which is situated in Jutland with about 50.000 inhabitants) has encouraged the city’s business-community to get involved in the debate.The idea was initiated by the communication department and the city manager. is not only an” idea box”. It is also a portal, where you can find facts, analysis and information about conferences, activities related to the industrial policy. This part of the portal is called” the focus part.”

The portal has been made in an open source system and created by a web-design-bureau called in cooperation with the company “Seismonaut”. It has been programmed in Umbraco.

Main goal

The main goal has been to create a dialog-portal that both delivers information and also offers the possibility to participate. The participation is possible on different levels: the user can choose to participate with their own vision or ideas or the user can choose to solely read the comments and give “votes”. has primarily been established for the” industrial policy-debate”

Lessons learned

It has been a positive experience to combine both the possibility to participate but also to get information at the same site. There have been more users, who have visited the site for information purposes than to participate. There have been about 30 readers a day – but unfortunately not very many who have participated with ideas or visions.


Marketing is important. Otherwise people will not use it / don’t know that it exists. It is important to inform about the portal both through the local media but also to “talk” about it at other public events.


Vejle, Denmark


Anne-Marlene Alblas