Online YouTube Manuals

Online videos with practical advices related to each new duty /operation for public administration (eGovernment). Information passed by central bodies is not detailed enough for mayors of small municipalities, so related issue is explained on a training session at the city hall and recorded. Mayors can later practice their skills and improve their knowledge by using these video guides.

Main goal

How Social media could help to improve the work of public administration itself.
Target groups – primarily public administration (mayors and staff of public administration), actually – all internet users.

Lessons learned

Activity has a great response from authorities inside as well as outside the Vysocina Region and is recommended to central government bodies as a good practice example.


  • Define goals before start – why to use social media? E.g., promotion &PR , active comunication with citizens, institutional image, additional inofmration provision.
  • Find responsible person – without pro-active attitude any initiative fals asleep, a responsible person should be strongly engaged.
  • Use different channels – don´t copy the content, react appropriately, friendly and personally.
  • Follow habits of the website users, be aware of local problems.


Velké Mezirici, Czech Republic


Martina Rojkova (Vysocina Region)