Ny Karolinelund (New Karolinelund) – a Facebookpage

A Facebookpage called “Ny Karolinelund” (New Karolinelund), which is part of a citizen participation-process in the city Aalborg in northern Denmark (104.000 inhabitants). The aim was to involve the citizens in developing a new public city park. This was the result of a political decision. Until 2010 the park was known as the amusement-park Karolinelund. The Facebookgroup has 886 likes/fans and was established in the spring of 2011. Here the citizens could post their ideas for the content of the new park. The page resulted in 128 concrete ideas during the fall period of 2011. Some examples of the ideas are: concerts, outdoor games, art exhibitions, botanical garden, Fairytale garden, moviepark, playgrounds etc.). All the ideas were simply posted by the citizens on the FB page-wall.

Main goal

The main goal with the Facebookpage was to increase the demographics of the participating citizens. At the public meetings it is often a very narrow demographic, which is represented – only the truly passionate people show up, which is sometimes not enough to create a fruitful involvement. At the Facebookpage a lot more people participated.

Lessons learned

Evaluation: The project group has done two evaluations:

1.Of the Facebook group (internally in the project-team), which is uploaded on a Facebooksite about digital citizenship - http://www.facebook.com/trine.egeberg.elkjaer. This evaluation also founded the writing of a model for evaluation city renewal project. The model proposes 10 evaluation parameters:

• Concrete ideas
• Demographic engagement
• Knowledge of the projects
• Maintenance of the citizens
• Transparency
• Maturity of the mental state of mind when renewing the city
• Identification of new partners
• Internal learning
• Synergy between network IRL (physical reality) and online on Facebook
• Branding

2. A general evaluation that is visible on the Municipality web. This evaluation also founded the writing of a model for evaluation city renewal project.


Final decision: The project group categorized the ideas in different themes like: Park for concerts and markets, Science Park, play- and exercise area, botanical garden etc. The ideas are now (beginning of 2012) being evaluated at a political level. This was supplemented by a public event where all the ideas were exhibited. Afterwards is has been decided to reopen the park.

Feedback: The page is being used by the project-group to keep the citizens updated on the process (news channel) and post pictures etc. Also the press.




Alborg, Denmark


Anne-Marlene Alblas