IT Mayor on Facebook

Using Social Media – better communication with public. Mayor of Okrisky municipality is also the administrator of the municipality web site and of the Facebook open group (249 members from 2 000 inhabitans), Mayor reacts using his own Faceebook profile. Goal – publishing of news and events in village, invitations, documents and resolution of meetings of the Council or Assembly, local ordinances, cultural and sport events, newspaper articles on Okrisky, photos of events etc.

Main goal

Better online communicaton with public and residents by use of social media. Target groups – wide public, residents, all internet users.

Lessons learned

Success depends on people (active attitude), it is important to offer the possibility for feedback and to ensure quality and timing of feedback (mayor should be “24h online”).


Recommendation1 Define goals before start – why to use social media? E.g., promotion &PR , active comunication with citizens, institutional image, additional inofmration provision.
Recommendation2 Find responsible person – without pro-active attitude any initiative fals asleep, a responsible person should be strongly engaged.
Recommendation3 Use different channels – don´t copy the content, react appropriately, friendly and personally.
Recommendation4 Follow habits of the website users, be aware of local problems. 


Okrisky, Czech Republic


Martina Rojkova