Implementation of Vas Nazor system

Based on experiences of Tampere with implementation of eParticipation the Czech platform called Vas Nazor (Your Opinion) was prepared for piloting in several municipalities of the Vysocina Region. Following municipalities have become actively involved in the pilot: Humpolec, Namest nad Oslavou, Nove Mesto na Morave, Okrisky, Telc, Trebic, and Velke Mezirici.

Main goal

The biggest challenge for Vysocina Region was to break the existing barrier in minds of people in relation to eParticipation, also because eParticipation is not the top political priority. Mostly only tools for one-way communication are present at PA administration websites.

For the pilot realization the new central website for all 7 municipalities was created at, pilots were actually hosted at this domain. Users registered through the central registration facility. Technologically the web application Vas Nazor is based on the Open Source, it is linked to the regular agendas at each municipality and to the internal document system of public administration. It is linked to social networks, mostly to Facebook. As the result the Czech pilot Vas Nazor was awarded for the 3rd place in the national contest of regional eGovernment solutions Best 2011.

The main objective is to involve citizens in local decision-making and promote interaction between citizens and administrations. The way selected was to adopt Valma process model of Tampere and modify them to the local context, based on the regional needs.

Lessons learned

Implementation of Vas Nazor system is a good example of real experience transfer from one country/municipality to another. In general the process of knowledge transfer and exchange between all participants was going very well. Online participation platform Vas Nazor allows citizens to express their ideas on suggested actual topics, providing them with necessary background documents and making summaries of their opinions for decision making. The sophisticated platform is built on Open Source and is able to send messages to all registered citizens about new issues pubslihed, as well as to send emails with each new input to particular politician or administrative staff. The participation has already brought tangible results towards improving the participatory dialog of different stakeholders in Vysocina Region.


Recommendation1 Create opportunities for cooperation with citizens. Support communication skills of both sides.
Recommendation2 Produce easy to understand information files.
Recommendation3 Ensure access to complete and visually enriched information and ensure regular supply of information.
Recommendation4 Systematically monitor communication and present results.
Recommendation5 Don´t forget to promote e-participation tools - without promotion is no reaction.
Recommendation6 Succes depends on people! Without active attitude activity falls asleep. 


Vysocina, Czech Republic


Martina Rojkova