Green Arrow Miskolc Tramway Design Project

As the result of the project the currently used tram line of 9.6 km will be fully reconstructed. The running tracks, maintenance sidings and connecting tracks furthermore the accessories thereof will be fully reconstructed. In connection with this, the passenger platforms as well as the existing terminal buildings will be built and converted furthermore the signaling, safety and passenger information equipment will be reconstructed.
The project includes the purchase of 31 environment-friendly low-floor trams complying with the requirements of equality of opportunity as well as the development of the infrastructure necessary to the maintenance of the vehicles. In addition to this the tramline will be extended by another 1.5 km.

Main goal

To engage citizens to the decision of new tram design.

Lessons learned

Engaging of citizens to the different key project stages can contribute the commitment of citizens beside the project.

Project financing:

The Miskolc Tramway project the total budget of which is approximately HUF 38 billion is qualifed as a large project and it is financed in 90% by the Structural Funds of the European Union. Miskolc Municipality of County Rank shall cover for 10% of the costs from its own funds.

Implementation and project schedule:

The legal, economic and technical preparation of the program financed by European Union funds started in 2008. The program is expected to be fully completed by the end of 2013.

Enagaging citizens by online way:

After the success public procurement procedure the city and Green Arrow project management give an oppurtunity for the citizens that they can contribute to the new tram design.
On March 2012. started a voting from the visual design of new trams that will be constructed in next years.
It was published on the project hungarian facebook page called Zöld Nyíl (Green Arrow), on project webpage and on city webpage. The voting time was little more than one month. There was more than 26.300 voting.
The winner version (with 13.630 voting, 60%) of a tram on white base with green pattern because it symbolize and characterize the sustainable, environmentally transport.



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Use of online-channels (including social media and city webpage and/or project homepage) if you would like to decide some visual design, it is a very good way to use for this kind of parameters.

The results have to disseminate to the citizens in online and paper based way, too. 


Miskolc, Hungary


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