Facebook group called Odense +

The case shows an alternative way of communication with the citizens. It is a Facebook group called Odense + an ironic subtitle. The group is managed by a young cultural ambassador of Odense, who is also very skilled at keeping up with the new trends of social media. The Municipality pays him for his service. It is not obvious that Odense Municipality is the sender of the group. The group has about 13000 members. There is a link to the group from the departments website www.oplevodense.dk

Main goal

The goal is to both inform and involve the citizens in cultural events and activities in Odense. It is aimed at the citizens, who are interested in Odense City and want to keep up with current events – in all ages. The group administrator’s main focus is to get people involved and get them to interact. The department can ask the members certain questions trough the administrator. In that way it is

Lessons learned

It is important to have a clear goal and strategy with the purpose of the group is. The project was initiated by a fascination about social media and getting someone who knows the premises of the media to handle the group. But an actual strategy has been neglected.


Since the group has 13000 members it can be recommended to sometimes blur the existence of the Municipality – maybe because a Municipality is sometimes considered boring. Also a young person who is not a part of the Municipality is allowed to be a bit more free spirited in his communication - for instance he can use a language which is more playful and less politically correct.


Odense, Denmark


Department of Communication and City marketing of Odense


www.oplevodense.dk, http://www.facebook.com/OplevOdense