eParticipate Platform Public-i

eParticipate is based on the UK service, Public-i. Each of the tools in the Public-i family has a multimedia element which makes them engaging and accessible to the public. With the vast majority of citizens choosing to view rather than read information multimedia tools such as webcasting are the best means available for communicating key messages and involving the public. eParticipate utilised two proven aspects of the Public-i product suite – Public-i webcasting and Public-i consultation. Within these two services are the following e-participation tools – structured feedback forms, online survey tool, ‘Vox pop’ polls, supporting and contextual information for help and explanation, structured document review, online consultation, webcasting etc.

Main goal

The system is based on a client / server architecture. The client encoder PC is used to capture and encode the A/V content. The encoded content is streamed alongside live contextual information. Client encoder settings are synchronized with the central server database which stores all webcast and system data. Serial communication is used to control the content capture hardware. All other communication takes place over TCP/IP. The client encoder is connected to the public-i network via direct dial ISDN or ADSL in order to ensure uncontested connectivity.

Since the end of the project, Vysocina is regularly webcasting not only the meetings of Regional Assembly, but the service is used also for other events held in Vysocina Region and for the meetings of the Assemblies and Councils of other cities of the Vysocina Region.

The main objective of the eParticipate project, with Vysocina Region as one of the partner, was the deployment of an eParticipation multimedia platform of a suite of "best of breed" applications (called Public-i) to enable public bodies to broaden the participation of citizens in the democratic process.

Lessons learned

Engaging stakeholders in the results of eParticipate project – live webcasting of Regional Assembly Meetings and other public events of the region - was realized without any principles or regulations of the Vysocina Regional Authority and everybody can participate and be engaged. The information flow and dissemination of the webcasting tools was realized mainly through the webpage of the Vysocina and through media releases. The tool has a very wide political support and is also widely used by public, according to the statistics. The main lessons learnt was that citizens really appreciated such kind of a innovative tool and this was also the reason why Vysocina decided to participate in eCitizen II project, with the perspective of implementation of other regional e-participation tools.


Recommendation1 Engaging all citizens and stakeholders to communicate with Regional Authority
Recommendation2 Provide good regional dissemination support (local media, pro-active approach)
Recommendation3 Political support from regional leaders is a key for success.



Vysocina, Czech Republic


Martina Rojkova (Vysocina Region)