Electronic Registration of Patients

The case eAmbulance is an example of practical attempt to support innovation in Public Purchasing of technological solution for improving eHealth services in Vysocina Region.
Vysocina is ensuring health services in several regional hospitals, including hospital in the main regional city Jihlava. The idea to suggest to citizens better, cost effective and innovative system for electronic registration of patients was in the air. The preliminary intention was to discover the online system, which would be user-friendly and interactive, saving time both for citizens and for administrative personal of hospitals.

Main goal

The most innovative and already approved by practice solution was suggested by the largest ICT organization in Taiwan - Institute for Information Industry. Based on the information from technological experts from Vysocina IT Department, and on the demand expressed by Jihlava hospital, the President of Vysocina, Mr. Jiri Behounek, sent a letter to the pre-selected partner in Taiwan in December 2009 expressing the interest to cooperate on a pilot project: e-Registration Systems in the network of regional hospitals. The e-Registration System would enable advanced and friendly internet registration and voice registration functions to the citizens improving the current registration service provided by the hospital.

The Taiwanese delegation has visited Vysocina Region and after negotiations has submitted an official agreement for formal approval by the Region.. The implementation of the system began in April 2010, testing was lasting till Autumn 2010, and from Spring 2011 the system is fully operational.

The development of a new eHealth service for citizens of Vysocina Region, achieved in cooperation of Vysocina Region (CZ) with the Institute for Information Industry (Taiwan). The case is dealing with the successful preparation, implementation and pilot operation of the Electronic Registration of Patients in Jihlava Hospital during the year 2010.

Lessons learned

To improve the efficiency and quality of the registration service provided by the Hospital to the Region’s citizens through the innovative e-Registration System with functions of advanced and friendly Internet registration and voice registration in the Regional Jihlava Hospital. To pilot the new service (e-Registration) for the future implementation in the whole network of Regional Hospitals and to improve in general future healthcare system in Vysocina. To utilize non-European know-how from Taiwan in order to rise the level of healthcare services for Vysocina citizens and to reach recognition as the leading “e-Healthy Region” in the Czech Republic.


Recommendation1 Select actual and demanded application context.
Recommendation2 Ensure political support of the regional leaders.
Recommendation3 Develop required competencies of staff responsible for the project implementation.
Recommendation4 Support innovative approaches and solutions (e.g. including new way of public procurement).
Recommendation5 Involve Users (in this case - patients).



Vysocina, Czech Republic


Martina Rojkova