Bambuser live video broadcasting

Bambuser is web-based live video broadcasting -service produced by Swedish company Bambuser. By the time this is written using Bambuser is free of charge, as well as mobile applications for different platforms. Easy-to-create user account is all what is needed to use the service.

Main goal

Nuorten Tampere (Youth’s Tampere) is a website uphold by Youth Services of the City of Tampere and is initiated to provide several e-services for young people living in Tampere region.

Nuorten Tampere has found Bambuser a very useful tool for broadcasting live video stream from events etc. organised by Youth Services. Bambuser enables Youth Services to reach young people and their parents, as well as associates, via internet during the events. Live video stream has proved to be very popular way to take part in the event when a person is not able to participate in real life. During the winter holiday Youth Services organizes a huge three day event called “ChillHouse”, which practically means turning a conference centre Tampere Hall into a one big youth centre. The Tampere Hall is full of action from nailpolishing to live music. In 2011 event gathered 5500 visitors, while live Bambuser broadcast (embedded into Nuorten Tampere) were viewed nearly 1500 times.

Bambuser also allows online comments/chat but these features have not been used so far.

To deliver live video stream via internet for people who want to participate but can’t make it to the event by person.

Lessons learned

Live video stream from events has proved to be very popular and to enable streaming doesn’t necessarily mean spending piles of money and resources.


Recommendation1 Think ahead your aims and the level (technical quality) you want to achieve them. Easy-to-use tool will be used even if it wouldn’t deliver once in the lifetime experience.
Recommendation2 Keep your mind open when browsing the internet. If you find interesting site, video, solution etc. spend some time to find out how it’s made or engineered. Surprisingly many technology is open source or easily implemented for your needs.



Tampere, Finland


Jussi Kuvaja


Youth Services of the City of Tampere