The City of Rimini on Facebook

The Facebook page of the Municipality of Rimini “like” people in 1575, “a growing trend that gives us satisfaction, because in addition to having many fans, we respond to many requests and continue to make social networking really public utility “, feel the excitement in the words of Mauro Ferri, webmaster of the web editorial staff of the City of Rimini. The service is available from November 2009, we have cultivated this virtual marketplace and its relations with citizens and today we are proud to have made a legitimate channel and widely recognized as valid.

Main goal

On our Facebook profile, citizens have found a direct channel of contact with the institution, to put all their questions, always within a civilized debate, with some strong criticism for a variety of problems, but without injuries or insults. When you offer citizens the possibility of a confrontation, even in the harshest criticism there is never destructive.

Lessons learned


Among the social networks twitter is active and connected to the facebook page: posts that are also automatically published on the latter are on twitter. Lately RSS podcasts, I think the audio file of the meetings of the City Council on our institutional website, you can also listen via facebook. We use, Instead, Flickr and YouTube, as simple systems for a repository of resources multimedia.

We must first be well socialized to use new communication opportunities offered by new media. The community needs to grow in knowledge and use of social networks, so you can maneuver and avoid being they operate. Last but not least, should increase the sensitivity and political culture of our ruling class.

We should have elected representatives who recognize the importance of these instruments: first from the cultural point of view (but cheap) and not only as a potential opportunity at the political level-election.


Rimini, Italy


Giovanni Farneti