Ideas for Cagliari

Night buses, bike paths, urban gardens, new sports facilities. Practical ideas, especially on the mobility and the environment, but also city planning, social policies, culture, which could make life easier. Cagliari: the proposals of the citizens to the new municipal administration are online. To collect an innovative “Ideario” line, designed after this election.

Main goal

One week after birth dell'Ideario the ideas proposed were 220, 715 comments collected 4,100 votes cast and 568 active users (4% of the city population).

Lessons learned

On the Internet, similar to what happened to twitter for other cities, was born as a polite and constructive dialogue on the needs of the Sardinian capital, with the party on Facebook, in which the category of mobility and transport reached the number one place as number of suggestions, followed by the environment, tourism, participation, culture.


Building own local social network is possible.



Cagliari, Italy


Giovanni Farneti