Developing of Miskolc city homepage

There was the largest informatics e-project in the city government’s life in the last some years: changing the city home page in last year. The presenter of this project was the mayor in March of 2011. The reason was that the structure of former home page was antiquated, and it had very high upkeep.

Main goal

The main goal was reducing the costs at the very start, changing the company-developed software for open source software. So it would be possible to cultivate the sites inside the Mayor Office instead of Outside Company.

Lessons learned

The process was clear for all over the Mayor's Office, and all over the City. Activities and methods started with deciding the author of skin and menu of website, and finding the responsible person, who transfers the information from old-fashioned website to new one within 1 month with 0 money. This mission seemed impossible but the Mayor Office could subscribe an agreement with the former “Outsider Company” about the operation of old-fashioned website until December of 2011 without any charge. The developing time increased until the first plan, but we changed our website in 1st of January of 2012. Only a few criticism were sent to us (2 person in 4 month) from outside the Office. But inside the Office we are motivated for developing toward.

The results can be seen:


The implementation of open source softwares (e.g.: LINUX-APACHE-DRUPAL combination) can reach as same quality as Company made softwares. The costs ofdeveloping and cost of operational can be reduced dramatically, but immpossible to solve the problems with zero charge.


Miskolc, Hungary


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